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Cat Delete Maverick

Maverick 1000

Cat Delete Maverick

Mid pipe exhaust kit

-25# weight loss.
-Full stainless steel construction.
-Extra thick stainless flanges.
-Looks great.
-No added noise.
-Looks much cleaner than factory exhaust.

**This kit removes the catalytic converter and resonator and is for race use only. NOT for sale or use in California due to EPA/CARB regulations. For use on race vehicles only.
Our take:
The Can Am Maverick stock exhaust system works very well. We have tested many aftermarket exhaust systems and not one has gained even 1 horsepower. In fact most will actually lose power. Buyer beware just because it says it adds 7%-11% more horsepower doesn't mean it will (It most definitely will not). The only benefit for a aftermarket exhaust on a Maverick is looks, sound and weight loss. I wish I could tell you this kit built power but it does not. We really thought it would by the looks of the stock cat and resonator but Can-Am did a good job here.


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