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Baskets and Racks for ATVs

Our ATV baskets and racks are made of powder coated steel and steel mesh with the selection including universal designs fitting most ATVs, but also a special luggage rack for Can-Am Renegade ATVs and a safety rail for Polaris Big Boss 570/800 ATVs. All of our baskets and racks come with mounting hardware making them simple to install on OEM frames.

Cargo Boxes for ATVs

Our ATV cargo boxes come in three different versions. Soft cargo boxes are made of water resistant nylon. Open cargo boxes are made of powder coated steel and come with the option of a PVC cover and an adjustable HDPE plastic chainsaw holder. Closed cargo boxes are waterproof and made of high quality impact resistant high-density LLDPE polyethylene.

Chainsaw Holders for ATVs and UTVs

Our ATV & UTV chainsaw holders are universal adjustable saw holders that are easy to mount and remove. The plastic chain cover of the holder fits any saw length and does not damage the chain. The chainsaw holder is universal and can be mounted on the front or rear rack of an ATV or UTV but also to other vehicles with a tubular mounting point.

Front Protectors for ATVs

Our ATV front protectors are made of 4 mm / 3/16" marine grade brushed aluminium. The aluminium is CNC cut, the sides are then CNC bent, and the corners of the bent sides TIG welded. The outcome is a structurally rigid ATV front protector that is strong and durable even in extreme conditions.

Hydraulic Power Unit for ATVs and UTVs

An electrically powered hydraulic unit designed to fit most ATVs and UTVs but also other vehicles to allow the lifting, tilting, turning, and adjusting of attached equipment via hydraulic cylinders. The power unit makes the use of equipment faster as adjustments can be made from the driver's seat.

Mini-Motion Package for ATVs and UTVs

An electric over hydraulic linear actuator with an integrated motor, pump, valve, and cylinder in a compact design. It is an entirely self-contained unit, thus eliminating the possibility of oil leakage. The mini-motion package makes the use of equipment faster as adjustments can be made from the driver's seat.