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Maverick XDS/XRS Stage 3 kit 170hp

Maverick XDS/XRS Stage 3 kit 170hp

This is a matched package tuned perfectly to extract every bit of power out of your Maverick XDS turbo reliably on pump gas. This is the maximum safe limit on the stock turbo, fuel system and clutch. This kit will give you the most bang for your buck performance anywhere.

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-Alba Racing re-flashed ecu.
-Your choice of our slip on exhaust or our race exhaust.
-Optional cat delete.

-Runs on 91+ oct pump gas.
-Huge increase in power, torque and fun.
-These kits will be tuned perfectly.
-Easy bolt on install.

Power increase:
-Stock 121hp flywheel or 92 to the rear wheels on our dyno.
-ECU flash with Slip on exhaust and cat delete. 164 flywheel/125hp wheels.
-ECU flash with cat delete and race exhaust. 170 flywheel/130hp wheels.

Dyno chart: (below)
-First line is stock XDS.
-Second line is our stage 3 kit with the slip on exhaust + cat delete.
-Third line shows our stage 3 kit with race exhaust + cat delete.

**All our dyno tests include our intake as well.

About your Maverick.

Your stock Maverick fuel system will safely support 12 psi of boost with the limiting factor being the fuel injectors. The stock turbocharger runs out of breath at around 130 wheel hp. At that point it is just making hot air. This kit gives you all the performance you can get out of your Maverick XDS reliably. Any more and the fuel injectors, turbo charger and clutch will need to be replaced. This kit offers immediate smiles as the second you hit the gas you will feel the increased power.


Maverick XDS/XRS Stage 3 kit
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