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Not available for now

No Limit Wheels is proud to introduce the "Deuce" 2-piece modular wheel. This gorgeous new line of wheels features our characteristic industry leading build quality, including a virtually indestructible double reinforced rim edge and 1600 lb load rating as well as the exclusive No Limit hybrid tire bead retention system that offers 400% more tire bead retention than any other brand of wheel. No Limit continues to show why they are the “go to” brand when customers want the best.

This new 2 piece wheel offers a revolutionary look, currently unequaled in the industry. The 2-piece Deuce center can be bolted into either a 14 inch or 15-inch outer hoop. The hoop can be powder coated matte or gloss black or one of several OEM matching colors. And like all other No Limit wheels, they come with an industry leading lifetime warranty…if you can find a way to bend it or break it, we will replace it for free.

You must select your Vehicle Manufacturer, Year, and Model.

Standard sizes are 14-inch or 15-inch diameter, 7-inch wide Front and Rear wheels.

  • Double reinforced rim edges make them nearly indestructible
  • Deuce wheels are available in 14x7 and 15x7 sizes
  • Wheel Offset Front 3.5+3.5  / Rear 3.5+3.5
  • Available in 110, 137 and 156 bolt patters to fit almost any Side by Side, UTV or ATV
  • Lifetime Warranty on all wheels
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Made in the USA with a 1100 lb load rating--the highest load rating in the business Ideal for Polaris, Can-Am, and Kawasaki ATV!
  • No Limit also produces and sells the top selling all-terrain 8-ply Patriot tire in multiple sizes! 
14x7 Front Wheel $155.50
14x7 Rear Wheel  $155.50
14x7 Combo Special 2 x Front & 2 x Rear Wheels for $598.00
Pack of 4 Lug nuts $8.00 per Wheel

15x7 Front Wheel $174.50
15x7 Rear Wheel  $174.50
15x7 Combo Special 2 x Front & 2 x Rear Wheels for $666.50
Pack of 4 Lug nuts $8.00 per Wheel

14X7 Front Wheel X 2 with
15X7 Rear Wheel X 2 Combo Special for $632.00
Bolt Sizes ATV/UTV
Arctic Cat [4 x 115]
Can-Am [4 x 137]
CF Moto [4 x 110]
HiSun 800 [4 x 110]
Honda [4 x 110]
John Deere Gator [4 x 137]
Joyner [4 x 115]
Kawasaki [4 x 137]
Kawasaki Brut Force 650 [4 x 137]
Kawasaki Brut Force 750 [4 x 110]
Kubota RTV 400/500 [4 x 110]
Kymco UXV 450i/500i/700i [Check]
Massimo Motor [4 x 110]
New Holland Rustler[ Check]
Quadzilla [4 x 110]
Other [Check]
Polaris [4 x 156]
Yamaha [4 x 110]