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Polaris RZR Fuel Controller EFI

Polaris RZR Fuel Controller EFI

Correct your air fuel ratio with our fuel controller.

-Simple plug in installation takes about 5 minutes.
-Alba pre-installed base maps. Read below for more info.
-We richen the air fuel ratio to maximize horsepower.
-Cooler exhaust gas temps.
-Can be easily tuned by user for future mods.

Maps available:
-Stage 1 Slip on exhaust.
-Stage 2 Slip on exhaust and intake.
-Stage 3 Full system exhaust and intake.
-Stage 4 Use comments box during checkout and list your mods. We will get you our closest base map.

**Note Does not work with 2015+ RZR 900S models.

Read below why you want our fuel controller instead of the competition.

*****CARB E.O. D-654

Why the Alba fuel controller?
Many shops that sell aftermarket parts sell these same type of fuel controllers with a different name on the front. They are all made by the same company (Dobeck). These are by far the most popular fuel controllers available as they are inexpensive simple and work great. Most of the companies who sell these send them out with the default map Dobeck installed in them which is a 5% increase in fuel across the board. We call this the Walmart map. While this gets you kinda close it can be better. We are one of the few actual Dobeck tuners who alter the internal mapping. We develop our maps on our dyno and load them into the controller with our docking station. Most companies who sell these don't even know there is internal mapping on these and think it is just adjusted with the 3 buttons on the front of the box. 


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