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RZR 1102cc billet big bore kit

Alba Racing 1102cc big bore kit.

-New billet 98mm cylinder.
-Alba spec CP pistons. Pick compression.
-Fire wire installed for incredible head gasket sealing.
-Big increase of power everywhere in the powerband.
-Includes gasket kit with custom MLS head gasket.
-Must be used with Carrillo rods. (Optional)

**read below for more info.
About big bore kits on a RZR 1000.

Your RZR 1000 is 999cc from the factory. There are 3 different big bore kits available.
-The first is a 96mm/1065cc big bore. This is the most economical as it uses your OEM cylinder. Also a 96mm will work great with your OEM rods.
-The second is the 98mm/1102cc. This kit requires rods. The OEM rods will break with any piston over 96mm.
-The third is the 99mm/1132cc big bore kit. This is as big as you can go on the 1000. You will need rods. We prefer the 98mm as it has more material between the cylinders which keeps the head gasket sealed. We do not recommend this kit for turbo setups.

From $1799.99

RZR 1102cc billet big bore kit