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RZR Beehive Valve Spring Kit RZR 900/1000

RZR 900/1000 Beehive Valve spring kit
-Much lighter than dual springs.
-Chromoly retainers.
-Maintains proper seat pressure.
-Best valvesprings available.
-Controls valve float on even the most aggressive cams.
-Works with non turbo and turbo setups.

**RZR 1000 includes baseplates. Baseplates not needed on 900.

**Read below for more info.

Valve springs kits have 2 traits you look for. They do not add any performance just reliability for aftermarket cams. There job is to prevent valve float and to not fail. There are 2 different types of valve springs. Dual springs with a inner and a outer spring and beehive springs which is a single spring with a conical shape that progressively increases tension. We only use beehive springs due to failures with inner springs in the dual kits currently available. We have yet to have 1 failure from beehive springs. Next part of the spring kit is the retainers. You will see 2 options available chromoly and titanium. We are fans of titanium as it is very light and use titanium retainers in most of our ATV builds. On our RZR builds we find that the titanium retainers eat into the buckets over time and cause wear. For this reason we do not use them. There is no performance advantage to titanium retainers and the loss of reliability is not worth it. These vehicles are much tougher on valvetrain than most. With the CVT clutch these vehicles are constantly being run at high rpm's for long periods of time. A reliable valvetrain is the best valvetrain.


RZR Beehive Valve Spring Kit

. Polaris RZR XP 900 2011 to 2014

. Polaris RZR4 900 2011 to 2014

. Polaris RZR 1000

Polaris RZR4 1000