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Shim Kit for Alba Cams

When installing our cams you will need to adjust your valves when your done. We sell this kit to make the job as easy as possible. We include 4 shims in 8 sizes. This ensures you have what you need to get the job done. Also you local dealer should have these shims in stock and will often swap you out for your shims at no charge.

Why do I have to adjust my valves with my Alba cams. We change the base circle of the cams and make it larger so we can make a proper lobe without too much ramp angle. Many other companies do not alter the base circle to make installation slightly easier. This is one reason our cams make more power. If you are installing cams that do not require you to adjust the valves they are baby cams and will not offer anywhere near the same gains.


Shim Kit for Alba Cams