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Alba Racing Baja Crusher Billet Beadlock Wheels

Alba Racing “Baja Crusher” wheels are made from Heat Treated 6061-T6 Spun Aluminum. They feature billet CNC machined 6061-T6 rings, flanges and centers. These are the strongest wheels on the UTV market. Cast wheels will typically crack or “Shatter” on impact due to cast metals being brittle and porous from the manufacturing process. Our wheels are drastically stronger than a cast wheel but if you do experience a sharp high speed impact they will bend and at least not shatter like a cast wheels. They also typically still hold air if bent letting you get home and not leaving you stranded on the trail! This is the reason racers prefer a non-cast wheel. Our beadlock rings and receivers are the toughest as well as thickest in the industry at 3/8" thick each! Even with all the added material thickness and strength these wheels are still lighter than most cast wheels!

-Hand built and designed to your specs. Make it yours.
-Fully Serviceable (This is a True 3 Piece Wheel)
-Heavy duty 3/8" thick billet 6061-T6 CNC Bead Lock Ring.
-Heavy duty 3/8" thick billet 6061-T6 CNC Bead lock Ring Receiver.
-Oversized 8mm Grade 8 Bead Lock Bolts.
-.200" 6061-T6 aluminum heat treated inner and outer halves.
-.600" thick 6061-T6 billet CNC center.
-Built tough yet still lighter than most cast wheels.
-Extremely durable Heat Treated 6061 Aluminum.
-Rolled inner lip for extra strength.
-Powder coated black with your choice of ring color.

From $379.00  $299.00

TAR Baja Crusher Billet Beadlock Wheel
Add single or dual Powdercoat color for centre
Add Size and Offset
Includes: (sold each) If you need 4 wheels buy 4.
-Beadlock wheel.
-Beadlock ring your choice of color.
-Grade 8 beadlock ring hardware.
-valve stems.

Easy Tire Mounting - Can be done in your garage
The color you receive is the color in the picture
Warrantied for manufacturing defects for 6 months
  • Requires Shipping: Item Requires Shipping
  • Weight: 15.0 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: W15.0000” x H15.0000” x L15.0000”
  • A further PayPal invoice will be sent out to you after we have your shipping address and how many wheels you want. For a quote, email us. 
  • We will need your full shipping address and the number of wheels you want a quote for. 

Size and offset for the Can Am Maverick - Polaris RZR Turbo - Polaris XP1000 - Yamaha YXZ1000 are below. 

Use the Email button above for other UTV model sizes.  

Can Am Maverick

Maverick 4/136 14x7 Offset- 4+3
Maverick 4/136 14x7 Offset- 5+2
Maverick 4/136 15x7 Offset- 4+3
Maverick 4/136 15x7 Offset- 5+2
Maverick 4/136 14x10 Offset- 5+5
Maverick 4/136 15x10 Offset- 5+5

Polaris RZR
RZR Turbo 4/156 14x7 Offset- 4+3
RZR Turbo 4/156 14x7 Offset- 5+2
RZR Turbo 4/156 15x7 Offset- 4+3
RZR Turbo 4/156 15x7 Offset- 5+2
RZR Turbo 4/156 14x10 Offset- 5+5
RZR Turbo 4/156 15x10 Offset- 5+5
Polaris XP1000
XP1000 4/156 14x7 Offset- 4+3
XP1000 4/156 14x7 Offset- 5+2
XP1000 4/156 15x7 Offset- 4+3
XP1000 4/156 15x7 Offset- 5+2
XP1000 4/156 14x10 Offset- 5+5
XP1000 4/156 15x10 Offset- 5+5
Yamaha YXZ1000
YXZ1000 4/110 14x7 Offset- 4+3
YXZ1000 4/110 14x7 Offset- 5+2
YXZ1000 4/110 15x7 Offset- 4+3
YXZ1000 4/110 15x7 Offset- 5+2
YXZ1000 4/110 14x10 Offset- 5+5
YXZ1000 4/110 15x10 Offset 5+5