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YXZ 1000 Alba Racing clutch kit

This clutch kit will hold 400+hp and engage smoother than stock. Perfect for completely stock to fully built Yamaha YXZ 1000's. Don't wait for your factory clutch to burn up and leave you stranded. Our clutch works so good Factory Yamaha send engineers to our shop and took a few kits home with them to Japan.

-Recommended for stock to completely built turbo engines.
-Rated to over 400 horsepower.
-Stock like driveability.
-Converts from stock single spring to 6 spring.
-Smoother engagement than stock.
-Creates less heat than the factory clutch allowing it to take much more abuse.
-2 spring options (under 200hp and 200+hp) 200+hp = more spring pressure.

-New 6 spring pressure plate assembly.
-New Fiber plates.
-New Steel plates.

-Oil and OEM clutch cover gasket
The factory clutch in the YXZ 1000 is poorly designed using 1 conical spring. This does not put enough pressure on the clutch pack and allows the plates to slip and burn up. Our 6 spring kit applies much more even pressure. Your pedal effort will be up to 30% stiffer depending on hp level. Our clutch drives just like stock but engages smoother allowing easier stop and go. We use this clutch kit on our 400hp engine package with zero failed using huge 30" Skat Track Ripper paddle tires and multiple very high rpm launches. This kit works with any setup from stock to 400+hp. Don't get left stranded with a burnt clutch replace it before it happens.


YXZ 1000 Alba Racing Clutch Kit
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